Workers Discuss The Benefits of Working in an Office Versus Working From Home

To work in the office or work at home? That question has plagued us during the plague years, and its answer is more complex than you’d think. Many assume that everyone wants to work from home, and those who don’t are part of a tiny minority, which is not necessarily the case. Before the pandemic, I could not get any work done unless I was out of the house. There was something that activated in my brain when I went into a library or office that could get me to achieve unparalleled levels of productivity. It took me a long time to adjust when I was thrust into working from home for a year. I could not get much work done in the first few months. By the time 2021 rolled around, I had mastered the art and science of remote work and school. Some people can do either, but not everyone necessarily wants to do either. I think that working from home versus working in an office debate comes down to each worker’s lifestyle, the type of jobs they have, their need for routines, and their personal preferences. 

It’s no secret that many people who have fully switched over to working from home cannot imagine their lives without it. One of these workers, Redditor u/shallowshadowshore, asked workers who prefer to work in an office why they feel that way, and the responses are intriguing and compelling. 

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