20+ Memes That Capture the Struggle of Having Siblings

As the eldest of three children, I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve been bitten by my sister, pummeled by my brother. I’ve kicked crotches and «accidentally» dropped a few toothbrushes in the toilet. I’ve nearly bashed door downs and because I’m old I’ve gotten into physical fights over whose turn it was to use the internet. They could write epics about our sibling rivalries and our battles. 

Now that we’re older, we’re best buds. It’s amazing how the violence, rage, and tit for tat BS disappears as you get some space and perspective. Growing up is helpful. Despite the distance from the drama, we can still look back at the insanity with a sense of humor. These memes do a great job of bringing us back. If you’ve ever had siblings, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll feel the same way.  

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