25 Hilarious Memes College Dropouts Destined For Greatness Will Understand

Dropping out of college doesn’t automatically mean that you won’t be successful in life. Too many people have proven that college is not an absolute necessity when it comes to financial wealth and prosperity in this modern era. In fact, plenty of billionaires alive today didn’t even graduate from high school. 

One example is Amancio Ortega who is now the CEO of Bernard Arnoult. His $70.4 billion net worth is incredibly impressive. Jay-Z is one of America’s most noteworthy rappers who didn’t finish high school, yet still created an incredible musical legacy. He’s part of the billionaire club. Richard Branson realized school wasn’t for him when he dropped out at 16 years old. 

His battle with dyslexia made him realize that his focus should be shifted elsewhere. He now has a net worth of $3.9 billion as the founder of the Virgin Records music label. Dropping out of college doesn’t have to have a terrible connotation attached to it – and it is still okay to make light out of the situation if you aren’t feeling the most confident about it just yet. 

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