25+ Ripped Gym Memes for Beasts Who Train Hard

Rise and grind, lifters. Guzzle that pre-workout and go beast mode because it’s time for some extremely ripped content. 

Okay, I’m not gonna lie here. I’m no adonis cut from marble. I’m more like a sponge—I’m soft and I retain a lot of water weight. But lord knows I try. I get up every morning and run my humble 4 kilometers, which justifies the eggs and bacon I inhale when the nightmare is finally over. Sometimes I do yoga, which helps me become newly aware of points of tension in my body I never knew existed. And on top of that, I often go to boxing classes, where 20-somethings with 15% body fat do dozens of burpees between rounds without breaking a sweat, all while I’m fighting for my life in the corner. It’s a humbling experience. 

Whether your daily routine revolves around counting macros and measuring gains, or a long, brisk walk is more your exercise style, we’ve got some very relatable memes for every type of gym-goer. 

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