30+ Hilarious Sci-Fi Memes to Fill Your Nerdy Needs (August 21, 2023)

Happy Monday, deep space fiction devotees and interstellar-media-leaning individuals. It’s the start of the work week and you know what that means! A significantly nerdy selection of science fiction memes. Let’s talk sci-fi.

A friend of mine recently purchased a collection of the «Dune» books as a gift for me. The thing is, the only exposure I’ve had to the franchise is through the 1980s iteration directed by David Lynch. The only reason I watched that was because I’m a fan of his. That being said, I agree with the late and great film critic, Roger Ebert that it was a «real mess.» I know there are a lot of devoted Dune fans out there, so I don’t want to speak too critically. The movie was a messy production and it’s not representative of the franchise. As a science fiction fan, I owe it to myself to at least give the books a shot. I’ve heard it’s a complicated read, so wish me luck!

You guys aren’t here for «Dune» discourse, you’re here for science fiction funnies. So why don’t we get straight to the point? Here’s this week’s collection of calculated nerd-based comedy. Enjoy! 

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