31+ Wholesomely Haunted Memes That are Spooky Fun for the Entire Family

September marked the start of Halloween season for all those who celebrate and many families have been preparing. Sure, Halloween is about spooky scaries and horror gore, but it isn’t only that. It can be great terrifying fun for the whole family! There are pumpkin patches, DIY costume making, pumpkin spice everything, little black kittens, friendly ghosts, and there are even kid-friendly haunted houses and Halloween-themed events to attend! Heck, I still go to my local theme-park’s and zoo’s family-friendly Halloween nights. It’s the most fun! Some people get their excitement from roller coasters and thrill seeking, and others get it from jump scares that make them go «AH!» but then burst into laughter afterwards. And what a wonderful laughter that can be shared amongst family. So we’ve gathered some fun wholesome haunted memes below for the entire family to LOL to and enjoy! But don’t forget to get a few «Boos» in with each other. 

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