35 Outdoorsy Memes for Out-of-Shape Hikers Who Love Nature

Day hikers, multi-day excursionists, and 5-year-old girls with a headless Barbie in-hand can agree that nature is awesome. Hiking through the outdoors is a universally enjoyable experience even for asthmatics, alcoholics, and fitness buffs alike– we all just want to look at green trees, cool water features, and maybe an animal or two. Even if you’re out of shape or feel like you don’t belong with the freaky dawn-patrol crowd at the trailhead, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night around the bonfire, a grueling day hike, dehydration, and the worst sleep of your life. 

Convinced yet? Well, what really makes nature special is the actual nature itself. That’s why we’re all here. That’s why we’ve driven 10 hours into the woods and up into the mountains. We want Yosemite, we want Zion, we want Appalachia, and we want the Grand Tetons. Nature, we beg of you, heal us of our city-dwelling qualms. So for those of us who are getting the most of our bug spray this summer, huffing-and-puffing up a 3 mile easy loop, take a good look, take your time, and soak up the sights of the most beautiful natural things in the world. You may not always be fit enough to walk up a mountain, but the mountain will always be there for you. 

When you get back to the campground, take a load off and scroll through these relatable outdoorsy memes for nature folks who don’t fit the stereotype.

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