A Measured Ampoule of 31 Different Memes

It has been observed by people who have spent more time consuming memes than I have that they can have a medicinal effect. Arguably said effect is more like a major sedative than something that cures our illnesses, but beggars can’t be choosers. Also, the trancelike state of deep meme concentration is something that’s a lot more fun than swallowing pills. 

While it may be true that we could be doing healthier things to up our happiness, it’s also a fact that there are much worse things to be doing than be slumped over our phones, scrolling listlessly. Most of us couldn’t imagine our lives without this frequent treat, and we don’t have to! Lists of memes like this are here to facilitate the process. Time to zone out, then zone in on the dumbest content the internet has offered up to us today. It’s sure to be just as great as usual. 

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