A Melange of Memes For Procrastination Purposes Only

Everyone, and we mean everyone, deserves the luxury of simply screwing around every once in a while, In fact, we think the world has the collective right to give responsibility the finger when possible. To procrastinate and diddle daddle to one’s heart’s content. You know, to turn on the TV on while that boring conference call is dragging on forever and you’re conveniently on mute. To ignore the too-late text from your hard-assed boss who lacks a modicum of empathy, or lie about why you can’t stay until closing. Our favorite way to waste time (on the clock or otherwise) is by chuckling lightly, or even just smiling, at memes. They’re fun, conveniently everywhere online – and you can pretend you were on another tab doing your crappy work with a quick click. If you’re in this beliefs boat with us, we’re willing to wager you’ll enjoy this variety pack of memes. Or maybe you won’t. Either way, we liked them and that’s what really matters.


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