Boy Calls Out Douchey Brother for Casual Prejudice, Parents Accuse Him of Bullying

Any semi-caring parent will tell you is that one of the main things they want for their kids is for them to happy. In a world like ours, that can seem like an impossible task, but a big part of parenting responsibility is trying to set children up for that.

Unfortunately, many moms and dads end up doing some messed up things in their attempts at producing well-adjusted offspring. Some come down too hard on perceived misbehavior, and others don’t acknowledge it at all. 

This is something that one Redditor and aunt to two boys struggled with recently, after one of them made some unacceptable comments during a family outing. When the younger boy dismissed some raffle prizes aimed at encouraging girls interested in STEM, his brother was the only person who called him out on it. Their mom got involved when it turned out that her younger child was being teased for his backward opinions at school. Perhaps it might have been an idea to shut them down in the first place.


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