Controlling Husband Won’t Let Wife Go to Her Own Brother’s Wedding and Reddit is Furious

A good relationship isn’t always love and romance. Every relationship requires healthy communication, boundaries, compromise, mutual support and compassion in order to succeed. Throw kids into the mix and the importance of good communication and healthy balance increases significantly. There’s nothing wrong with having a parent who stays at home to take care of the kids and one who works for an income. But if one partner in the relationship starts to call all the shots, the other is bound to feel powerless and resentful.

One disgruntled redditor decided to ask r/amitheasshole for advice after her husband essentially wouldn’t let her go to her own brother’s wedding. According to OP, children weren’t allowed at the wedding and her husband doesn’t allow babysitters to watch their kids, and so one of them had to stay home. The husband argued that he should be the one to go to the wedding since the groom (OP’s brother) is one of his best friends. Needless to say, redditors in the comments were absolutely furious on OP’s behalf. Keep scrolling to see the full story and how people responded. OP, if you’re reading this, you are not the a-hole…but your husband sure is! 

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