Diet Coke Lovers React to News That Main Sweetener Aspartame is Carcinogenic

Few carbonated beverages have inspired a legion of dedicated fans in quite the way that Diet Coke has. There are people who genuinely can’t make it through the day without cracking open an iconic silver can or several. One of the things that Diet Coke enjoyers are adamant about is that it can’t be that bad for you, because it’s low calorie. As it turns out, though, that might not actually be true. 

Many have been left reeling thanks to a recent study that suggests that the sweetener aspartame could pose a cancer risk. It’s one of the main ingredients in the much beloved drink. Needless to say, this news has inspired an interesting reaction. Looking at the fine print, aspartame has been classified as a 2B carcinogen — meaning that most adults would have to drink upwards of 12 cans a day to experience this side effect. Seriously, red meat is more likely to give you trouble. It wouldn’t inspire such a poetic defense, either. 

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