Entitled Influencer Complains When Pedestrians Walk in Front of Her Filming on a Busy Train Platform

If your idea of NYC or London is primarily shaped by what you see on TikTok, then you probably think that people who live there are getting stopped for on-the-street interviews every day of their lives. You might also think that these cities are generally filled with influencers to the brim and that ending up in a viral video is only a matter of time. I’m happy to say that that’s mostly untrue, but I do see famous TikTokers more than I see any other famous group in NYC. Go figure. 

One TikToker recently went viral on Twitter with an old video of hers complaining that mere mortals walked in front of her while filming a TikTok. She was trying to get footage of herself standing in front of a moving underground train in a nice outfit, but people trying to get to the train to ride it kept walking in front of her. To see the original video and the Twitter backlash, scroll down and take a gander. 

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