Incredulous Exes Share the Worst Ways That They Have Been Dumped

Rejection is an unpleasant experience that we all have to deal with at times. From failed job applications to unceremonious ghostings, it’s never a fun thing to deal with. Of all the many terrible ways that we can be rejected, one of the most difficult has to be a break up. Romance and endings are two concepts that simply don’t gel. Nonetheless, most of us have to make it work at one point or another. 

Dumping someone is not a skill that many people are good at, but there are ways to soften the blow. A little maturity and respect go a long way. Sadly, not everyone is capable of such a thing. This has been demonstrated in a truly mortifying thread on Twitter, where individuals have been sharing the worst ways that somebody has broken up with them. I get that it’s an awkward thing to do, but were these dramatics really necessary? 

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