Insane Parenting Texts No Child Deserves To Receive

Many parents don’t understand the difference between being strict and cruel. I’m not saying that every parent needs to partake in «gentle parenting,» but too many parents out there are downright mean to their kids because they enjoy using their power over them. There’s no reason to hurl insults at your child because they’re doing something you don’t like. It is okay to set firm boundaries with your child, but as they grow into adulthood, you must stop treating them like a little kid. 

r/insaneparents is a subreddit where children, primarily adult children, share the wild ways their parents communicate with them. When I read these posts, I feel incredibly grateful that I was not raised by parents who have ever cruelly insulted me. If you can relate to the kids or r/insaneparents or you’re fascinated by what these texts could entail, these parenting texts are for you. 

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