Mom Surprises Husband With Kids at Airport After He Returns Home From Holiday, His Response Is ‘I Didn’t Want You to Be Here’

Traveling is exhausting; the airport is packed with people, your bags are heavy, there is always someone yelling, and something always goes wrong. That is still no excuse to greet your kids with a frown when you come back from a vacation. But, that is exactly what happened in this case. As shared by u/Bethani_69, her husband went on a trip to visit family for 4 days. During this time, he expressed how much he missed her and the kids. 

Her kids also shared with her how much they missed their dad. Put 1 plus 1 together and you get 2, right? Meaning, she thought that it would be awesome to surprise him at the airport when he arrived, with the kids. Well, his response was less than enthusiastic. Scroll down to read exactly what went down. For more stories like this, here is a nostalgic thread where grown-ups share the unforgivable incidents they remember back from school.

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