Random Memes With Vaguely British Themes

I’m currently on the Americans vs. Europeans side of TikTok, and it is fascinating. Every time a European (usually a British person) tries to dunk on Americans for being stupid, the most well-spoken American on God’s green earth puts them in their place. 

I’m not sitting around defending America all day, every day, but I find it satisfying when Americans dunk on the British. It makes me feel like my team is winning! In all honesty, I think that British culture and American culture are equally cringe. These petty TikTok debates are like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. The only reason we fight with each other online all the time is that it’s fun to get the upper hand against a culture you don’t completely understand. You can’t really punch down at the UK or America, so we might as well keep punching each other until we get bored. 

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