Scatterbrained Memes For Unfocused People Who Don’t Know What’s Going On

It’s difficult to always be on top of everything all the time, and we shouldn’t be expected to do that. We live in a society that wants people to maximize their productivity at every juncture, and that is simply not possible. While it’s good to be focused and goal-driven, we all have periods of our lives where we’re just a bit confused and scatterbrained about what’s happening. For you, maybe it’s caused by getting a difficult job that you can’t master no matter how hard you try. Perhaps you’re under a lot of stress, and it’s causing you to forget things that you’d normally remember. You might even have ADHD or some other condition that makes it extremely difficult to focus. Whatever is causing you to be all over the place, just know that you aren’t alone. You have the right to be scatterbrained, and these relatable memes might serve as some comfort. 

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