Senior Engineer Makes $20K Less Than Junior Engineers Despite Being a Top Performer

Historically, I’ve been bad at acquiring a lot of money. When I was in college, I had three internships, and not a single one of them was paid. When my bosses at my part-time jobs told me I’d be making minimum wage, I accepted that without dispute. Also, I live in New York City, so a lot of the money I make just gets sucked into my rental payments, my necessary $10 breakfast pastries, and the now $2.90 it takes to ride the subway. I’m not incompetent with money, but it has alluded me several times. 

All that is to say, even though I’m not a financial genius, there are some truths I can acknowledge about dollar bills. If you have a senior title, you better make more money than somebody with the same title but the junior version. Unfortunately, that is not the case for one Reddit user, who shared his tales of woe about making less money and doing more work than his subordinates. 

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