Shake, Speak, Scroll: 40 Random Funny And Wholesome Doggo Pics With Absolutely No Connection Whatsoever

Somedays are harder than others, and on those days, nothing turns our mood around like a good dose of doggie dopamine. You know what we mean, when you get to pet that cute dog that’s passing on the street, or when you see a bunch of pictures of cute puppies that make you want to cry. That’s exactly the purpose of this post (not to make you cry, of course), but to give you a whole bunch of doggos to help make your day better.

These handsome and hilarious doggos may have no connection to each other, but each one is so good on its own that, together, they make one incredible list full of good boys. It’s like taking a coffee break, but for us, it’s a doggie break. Spending five minutes looking at some cute puppers is the equivalent of eating a piece of candy or receiving a compliment – it just makes us feel good. 

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