The Cringiest LinkedIn Posts of the Week (August 19, 2023)

I do not understand the point of LinkedIn influencers. I know that in their minds, they are constantly shaping the discourse around business, commerce, office decorum, and whether or not you should grind. While that is all good and valid, I have never been convinced of a point because a LinkedIn person told me to believe it. Something about their writing style isn’t incredibly persuasive bc it sounds so phony. Nearly every viral LinkedIn post reads like the mad rambling of somebody who thinks they are Bill Gates but is decidedly not. 

Social media can have a lot of impact on people. For me, any singular LinkedIn post will never be as impactful as my favorite tweets or Tumblr textposts. There is a limit to the fun you can have on any website obsessed with professionalism and image. If LinkedIn represents everything you’re against, these cringey LinkedIn posts will totally resound. 

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