Totally Relatable Memes of the Week That Sum Up the Human Experience a Little Too Well

Human existence is unoriginal. At this point in humanity’s history in this world, if you’re feeling like you might have an original thought or a completely new life experience that’s never happened before, you are wrong. With so many lifetimes under its belt, Planet Earth has been there, done that. However bleak that might sound, it’s actually sort of comforting to know that you’re not the only one who’s torn the roof of your mouth apart while eating Captain Crunch and you’re definitely not the first person to have a mental breakdown while attempting to fit the tent back into the bag it came in. That’s all universal baby. Originality came and left, but now we’re blessed with relatability and a cross section of society that really gets it. Find your people and gather them together to commiserate over shower drain hair, because we’ve all been there before. We understand you. We feel you. We stand with you.

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