‘What do you mean she doesn’t pay rent?’: Woman goes on rent strike after finding out sister doesn’t pay a cent

These parents had a great arrangement with their kids regarding rent, until they actually talked about their financial situation

Living with your parents used to be the kind of thing that lots of people only did until they were in their late teens or early twenties. But these days, it’s more common than ever to live with your parents well into adulthood. Millennials and Gen Z know this all too well, since both generations are living with their parents way longer than previous generations. While previous generations got to move out and start families, the younger gens are struggling to afford a latte. It’s hard out here financially, and it’s basically become the norm to work multiple jobs and live with your parents indefinitely

This person thought they had a good place to live at first — they began paying their parents $800 per month as soon as they got their first paycheck. In fact, the OP wrote that they even offered to pay up to $200 more per month to help their parents out with their money problems. The parents were arguing loudly about it in a way that the OP couldn’t help but overhear. But the parents’ talk really backfired, because the OP discovered a terrible truth about their sibling. 

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