‘YAAASCAR!’: LGBTQ+ community reviews NASCAR’s 2023 pride collection

Well, it’s pride month and you know what that means! Companies are diving hard into their performative support. Though it’s annoying that they’re not like this 100% of the time, you can’t deny that some of this pride merch is FIRE. The one currently being praised for their yaaasification is NASCAR. Last year was their first time making merch and it was a huge hit. So it only made sense for them to continue the pride collection again this year. The favorite seems to be the rainbow has that reads «YAAASCAR» instead of NASCAR, since it’s always sold out. 

The LGBTQIA+ community head to TikTok to give their reviews of the pride collection and their thoughts on the stereo-typically «conservative» fanbase being loud and proud. Many queer people who are NASCAR fans head to the comments to explain how the corporation has actually always been supportive of their community and it’s funny when anyone says otherwise. We dove into the comments to find some of our favorite responses to the epic NASCAR pride collection below. 

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