30+ Memes To Spread Across The Dining Room Table

I find the act of sending memes and jokes with my friends to be an incredible bonding experience. Sure, I could come up with jokes off the top of my head, but rarely will that surpass the quality of a tweet that perfectly encapsulates my friendship better than I ever could. I love building a little rapport with my friends regarding which types of memes we send to one another. I had a buddy in college, and without fail, I sent him every meme or tweet I could find that mentioned Mug Root Beer. He was a dude who didn’t drink and loved Mug, so by the 7th or 8th time he received a Twitter DM from me, he knew it would be about a specific beverage. If you love gathering around your friends and sharing niche memes that relate to you all specifically, these funny memes make a great spread. 

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