Funny Kids Pen Hilarious Apology Note For Ripping Open a Bean Bag Chair

Everybody makes mistakes, especially children. You’ve got to learn how not to be a stupid destructive person at some point in your life, and childhood is a great place to start. Kids make incredibly stupid decisions, and as a parent, you need to tell them when they’re in the wrong and punish them accordingly. If your kid is throwing the remote control around and constantly slamming doors, you should get a little angry with them because their behavior displays that they don’t care to not destroy things around them. Even if it seems like a minor discretion, it must be corrected. 

While kids occasionally need harsh scolding, sometimes they can get away with things just because they’re so darn cute. One Twitter user shared the apology note his son and his 8-year-old sister concocted after accidentally ripping a bean bag chair open, and it’s way too cute to get angry at. 

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