Pepsi Makes Pilk Canon With Lindsay Lohan Ad, The Internet Reacts

Generally speaking, food in meme form falls under one of two categories. The first is an offshoot of food porn, and the sharing of delicious-looking delicacies and the wacky ways we like to eat them. The second, and arguably much more iconic, is that of cursed food. There have been plenty of digestive abominations shared over the years in the name of internet humor, some of which have made more of a splash than others. One of these is Pilk, the refreshing carbonated dairy beverage that rose to fame for its simple recipe, equal parts Pepsi and milk. 

It had all the makings of sh*tpost legend, but it seems that the corporations have now got a hold of it, too. Yesterday, Pepsi released a festive ad campaign starring Lindsay Lohan to promote the concoction to the general public. The online reaction was both amused and bewildered, with many sharing disbelief that the drink had become legit. I can’t say that I will be chowing down on cookies and Pilk this Christmas Eve, but perhaps other people will.

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