15+ Anxiety Memes to Laugh About With Your Therapist This Week (May 20, 2023)

All the older generations say that there’s something wrong with you, but maybe the problem isn’t you, it’s this darned grocery store that’s rearranged again without warning. You used to come here for relaxation, peace, and early 2000’s radio hits, but now it’s just a stress ball of screaming toddlers, nonsensical aisle organization, and sensory overload. Where has the world gone? Maybe the medication you’re on isn’t balanced quite right or maybe it’s just that the world is out to get you sometimes, but this anxiety thing is really kicking your butt. Perhaps instead of laughing away your problems and making dark jokes, you should speak to a professional and get some real feedback… about your pending stand up routine about your childhood trauma. 

Got some more time to k!ll in the waiting room? Check out last week’s batch of stressy messy memes that’ll make you LOL with your therapist.

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