15+ Bartenders Share the Worst Aspects of Their Jobs

Whether you drink like a fish, or are more of a teetotaler, you’ve got to hand it to bartenders. These hard workers aid people in blowing off steam after a toxic workday. They help people celebrate everything from birthdays to marriage. And they (usually) have enough patience to handle folks who either can’t or won’t hold their liquor. So much for drinking responsibly. Navigating drunk customers is just one of the many frustrations of the job. And this is made very clear in a discussion over at the Bar Memes Facebook group. The community of drink-slingers use memes as a form of solidarity, but some discussions unify bartenders in a more serious manner. 

After acknowledging that many barkeeps enjoy their jobs, a member of the group decided to ask the community their least favorite aspects of the job they love. The answers vary. Some have an air of slight dissatisfaction, while others seem to be fueled by rage that can only be caused by a frustrating and frenetic work life. That said, every admission has one thing in common: they solidify the intense respect for we have for the good people who serve us our drinks. 

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