16 Pictures Of Cats That Purrfectly Represent Cat Logic In All Its Glory

It’s no secret that cats are incredibly intelligent. Whether they’re solving dog puzzles or conning their owners into being fed more than one breakfast, cats are smart and there’s no denying it. Not only are they mentally intelligent, but emotionally as well. Their excellent room readers; they know when you’re sad, happy, mad, or upset. And they’ll act accordingly depending on your mood. Unless, of course, they’re in a mood themselves. 

But just because cats are both emotionally and mentally intelligent, does not mean that they’re always logical. We’ll often find ourselves catching our cats in the most exquisite of places and then wondering how on earth they even got there and most importantly, why?! Oh, if only they could speak and let us know their reasons for why they do what they do. What beholds is a collection of 16 photos of cats showcasing their cat logic, we hope you enjoy!  

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