20+ Memes You Can Relate to if You’re Impatient For Lunch Hour at Work

Waiting for your lunch break at work can be super annoying. It’s even worse on days when your obligations are dragging you down and your belly is rumbling. Getting impatient for the arrival of your lunch break happens to just about everyone – even people who absolutely adore their jobs. When lunchtime rolls around, it means you’re halfway through your day. 

Maybe you packed a lunch for yourself filled with all your favorite home-cooked items. Maybe you’re planning to have lunch delivered to your workplace’s doorstep via Ubereats or DoorDash. Maybe your company is comping your lunch for the day by offering everyone something delicious when the time comes. Whatever your case may be, waiting to enjoy food when you’re hungry simply doesn’t feel great.

There’s also the matter of needing to give your brain a break from all the work you’re doing! Your lunch hour is the perfect time to relax and reset in order to complete the second half of your workday. You’ll likely relate to these memes if waiting for your lunch break at work has been bugging you lately.

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