20+ Succulent Memes for Plant People Who Spend Their Entire Paycheck at the Garden Supply Store

Obsessions all have to start somewhere. For plant people, it probably started with some cactus that your roommate bought you in college as a joke– «You don’t succ to live with, love ya!» Then you realized that that little pokey-boy cactus actually needed a little more care than you thought. You start rationalizing small expenses, saying that the cactus needs a bigger pot so you gotta buy some soil and a cute pot that looks like a face. But now you have this big bag of soil– you might as well get another plant. But this one has different needs and you need to learn more about it… Then you start thinking that plants are incredibly fascinating so you buy MORE potted beauties. Next thing you know, you’re 30 and you live in a jungle with a watering schedule calendar and a highly trained plant sitter to watch your orchids when you go out of town. 

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