33 Times Terrible Roommates Were Terrible

Living with roommates is no longer reserved for broke college students and recent grads. As of 2018, nearly a third of adults in the United States were living with people that aren’t their partners or a dependent/university student. We can only imagine that number has grown – especially since the start of the pandemic. While it’s unfortunate that so many people cannot afford to live alone, sometimes it’s nice to have someone to come home to. But much of the time, the reality is far more bleak. 

Part of the roommate rite of passage is the harsh reality that many so-called adults have no idea how to treat or share a living space. This could mean that they neglect to wash the dishes. It could mean that they help themselves to food and beverages that don’t belong to them. But time and time again we hear stories of laziness, entitlement and straight up griminess that turn the notion of having roommates into less of a money-saving move than a horror show. These terrible tales and photos reflect that unfortunate reality to a tee, and remind us that loneliness or living in a crappy studio in the «bad» part of town definitely beats having scummy roommates.

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