35 Memes: No More, No Less

I hate when writers lie in their headlines. Well, maybe «lie» isn’t the best word, but journalists certainly enjoy stretching the truth to get a good story The current state of the world is not as bad as the yellow journalism days of yore, but it’s still annoying to click on something that is not what it seems. In William Randolph Hearst’s newspapers, writers and journalists would fully make up stories beyond the headline in order to sell as many newspapers as possible. Now, journalists simply write crazy headlines for clicks, which turns into money in a far more convoluted way. 

This meme list delivers exactly what is promised. If you scroll down and find anything less than 35 memes, let God strike me down where I stand. I am not a liar or a crook, and I hope that this highly curated selection of the finest memes demonstrates that truth. 

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