40+ Completely Cursed Memes That Encourage Sleeping With The Light On

‘Tis the most horrible time of the year. All over the country, kids are starting to try on their costumes, neighbors are topping up their candy stash, and there’s probably a giant Home Depot skeleton terrorizing a front yard near you. When you think about it, Halloween can be a pretty wholesome holiday — even though its whole deal is to celebrate everything scary.

Maybe it’s the sugar content, but it can all start to seem kind of toothless. The fear is the fun bit, right? Putting the magic back is no easy feat, but every year memes try their hardest to fill the gap. The internet is one of the most frightening places around, and you don’t have to dig very deep to find some horrors lurking. Whether they go to the places they shouldn’t or contain details that make the most seasoned dank meme lover squirm, cursed content is a powerful force at any time of the year, but especially right now. Although we have no choice but to celebrate spooky season in its full glory, this sickening selection of images might take it a little too far.


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