40+ Disastrous Tattoos That Give A New Definition To The Word Ugly

So long as humans have existed, we’ve practiced different forms of body art. Tattooing has had a rich and varied history in many cultures and contemporary society is no exception. As getting inked has become more popular than ever, it seems to have proved two key things. The first is that there are a heck of a lot of terrible artists out there, who have chosen defacing skin as their medium of choice. The second is that there are way too many people with questionable judgment skills and taste that allow them to use theirs.

It’s understandable to want to express yourself through your appearance, and getting permanent art on your body is one of the most personal ways to do this. That being said, it can also go very wrong, very quickly. Although the number of Americans getting tattoos increases by the day, there are some out there who would still debate whether the practice is worthwhile or even socially acceptable. While it’s certainly possible to get beautiful ink, a lot of these examples make it easy to see their point.


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