44 Cat Memes That Are The Dogs Meow

Cats are one of the most remarkable animals ever invented. I didn’t grow up with a cat myself, but I was a massive fan of the most famous cat in the world, Garfield. Garfield is a cat with no job, and yet he hates Mondays. He loves lasagna, sleeping, and being a menace to everyone he meets. As I grow older, I’m becoming much more of a Garfield than I used to be. When I was a baby, I was Odie: a creature who couldn’t speak but is just happy to be alive. When I was a kid, I was Nermal: young and optimistic and full of spunk that annoyed the jaded Garfields around me. I wouldn’t say I’m fully a Garfield, but in more of a murky Jon Arbuckle territory. But someday, sooner than we think, we’ll all be Garfield. Before you take that steep decline into pessimism, it’s nice to enjoy some fun cat memes that every Nermal, Odie, and Jon would appreciate. 

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