50+ Memes for Devoted Plant Parents

People. They suck. They suck a lot. You know what doesn’t? Plants. They beautify your home and garden. They reduce stress levels. And if you want to fill your office with plants, tell your boss that they actually boost productivity and improve one’s overall work outlook. We could go on and on about the studied benefits of keeping plants, but many of you are already aware of them. And we’re not trying to proselytize to people who can’t be bothered with botany. We’re here to entertain the people who basically have a problem. An addiction to green things and all-things succulent. We want the attention of people with a palpable preference for plants over humans. Because these plant memes are for you: The dirt-covered. The frazzled and fern-pilled. The devoted plant parents who need a reminder that they’re not the only ones going into debt thanks to visits to the garden center. 

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