A Bowlful of Ramen Noodle Memes For Satisfied Slurping

Fall enjoyers will give every kind of reason for justifying their favorite season, but I think the one that even the naysayers can get behind is that it’s a great time for food. All the best kinds of candy can be found everywhere for Halloween, and the chill in the air is the perfect excuse to whip up a batch of your favorite soup

Perhaps my favorite cooler weather food, though, is a helping of noodles. Beloved of broke students everywhere, this simple meal is more than just something to fall back on when you’re staring down your overdraft. Flavorful and filling, it’s easy to see why they’ve stuck around as a staple carbohydrate for all these thousands of years. Whether you cook them straight from a packet or prefer them hand pulled and garnished with a soft boiled egg, these noodle memes are sure to satisfy. I shouldn’t have written this before lunch.

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