A Close Cluster of Memes

It’s been over three years since the world shut down, and it looks like we’re finally out of the woods. Sure, certain diseases are still around, but I don’t think we’ll have to cluster inside long-term for a very long time. 

I was one of those people who had a «pod,» and oh, what a pod it was! Nine college students, including two couples, and countless themed parties. It would be like pulling teeth trying to convince the guys in the group to dress up for our niche party themes. I was able to convince them to dress up for my Robert Pattinson-themed 21st birthday party. It’s not that hard to put on some smudged guy-liner and go as the yet-to-be-released R-Patz Batman. Other parties were more difficult. Once we got around to the Kate Bush birthday party, only the girlies were dressing up. Even though that time of our lives was miserable in so many ways, it was fun to grow so close with a group and commiserate together. If you lowkey miss the closet clusters of your 2020/2021 living situation, there’s a chance you’ll also enjoy these memes.  

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