A Dungeons and Dragons Heavy Dollop of Funny Memes

Dungeons and Dragons is one of those games I have never gotten the opportunity to play. I feel like the social space of the D&D group can be kind of exclusive and definitely more of a commitment than your average board game night. When people say that Monopoly takes up too much time, I’m sure D&D players laugh in their faces. Imagine having to develop your characters in Monopoly and keep coming back to continue playing with the same Monopoly group on different financial quests. Despite this ignorance, I’m not completely un-hip to the D&D scene, as I was in a play about the game when I was 15. There is truly nothing lamer than doing a play about Dungeons and Dragons. If I did nothing in high school but play D&D, that would be cooler than being the lead in a Dungeons and Dragons-themed play. If you’re more of a D&D buff than I am, you’ll love the following random, yet D&D heavy, memes. 

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