A Fat Stack of Dank Frog Memes

There’s no denying it: Frog memes are definitely a thing. They may not quite as popular as the racoon, possum, or «monke» memes that have been flying around over the last year, but popular nonetheless. It’s not hard to see why. The critters are usually cute as hell – and as a fun bonus, they come in all kinds of sizes!  Did you know that the the biggest frog known to humans s the aptly named «Goliath frog?» The behemoth grow to a massive 12.5 inches and weigh more than half that. The smallest? They boast the incredibly tiny size of 7.7 mm and were actually discovered in Papua New Guinea in 2012. Pretty new to the frog scene. Here at Memebase we’re not size queens, and appreciate every kind of frog imaginable. But most of all, we like them in memes. And thanks to the internet, there’s absolutely no shortage of weird amphibious comedy. See for yourself.

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