A Fluff of Cutesy Cat Memes

There is no greater privilege than getting a cat to like you, although this comes on a sliding scale. Getting snuggles from the pet who fully expects you to have a couple of treats in your other hand is a totally different ball game to gaining the trust of a shy and retiring stray. Either way, once you know that you have them on your side, there is no going back to a life without that feline company.

While memes might be trying to win you over rather than the other way around, they behave similarly in some ways. Once you’re on their side, it’s hard to want to shake them. Not surprisingly, this makes memes and cats a match made in heaven. We show no signs of get sick of cat-related content yet, and there’s plenty of it out there. We don’t have to try and coax them out, they’re right here already.

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