A Mega Mix of Semi-Fresh Tweets (October 4, 2022)

I do not feel good. Why? Because it’s been raining cats and dogs in New York. Even worse, it’s become much too cold for my liking. As I write this I’m wearing 4 layers and am contorted into a position that nobody should be in while attempting to write. If I didn’t have back problems before, I certainly have them now. But what are my options? Shivering at the crappy chair my old bosses purchased for the office? Falling asleep in the bathroom? Drinking all the beers that our office manager bought for a pizza happy hour? The latter seems like the most fun, but I doubt it’ll make me feel any better than the other options. Instead, I’ll just suffer through the afternoon, praying for respite in the form of sun and that perfect fall temperature of like 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s too early for that possibility to be dashed. Right?? Right? 

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