A Merry Mix of Memes & Random Internet Things

You’re sitting at your desk like you do every day when that unstoppable feeling starts to creep in again. Boredom. You quickly pick up your phone and see how Dogecoin is doing, but it hasn’t changed since you last checked exactly 1.4 minutes ago. Your feet lightly tap the floor to the rhythm of nothing until boom: full-blown bout of restless leg syndrome. You clutch your knees as if your limbs are possessed. It’s getting worse. You know you need some adequate stimulation before you wind up in another embarrassing situation, like getting caught red-handed in the public restroom reciting every line from Othello you can still remember from the time you played Desdemona in the 9th grade school play. But just before you become truly desperate, a beacon of the internet appears. Your savior. Your guiding light. Memebase. Like an angel escorting you to salvation, Memebase delivers you from boredom and into the kingdom of memes. Amen.

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