A Quaint Basket of Frog Memes For Frog Enthusiasts

Growing up, there are certain animals you’re more familiar with than others. Kids love dogs and cats, they love dinosaurs. Some kids are into predators like lions, tigers, and bears, while others prefer animals one might find on a farm, like horses, cows or pigs. As a child, my tastes were a bit more… unique. I flitted between wanting to be an entomologist to wanting to be a marine biologist on the regular. I’d rather pick up rocks and look for bugs, or scout for frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders than go to a petting zoo. The critters that most kids thought of as creepy crawlies were fascinating to me. But frogs. Frogs were really up there. Being able to witness an animal’s entire life cycle with one educated trip to a pond was incredible to me. Tiny tadpoles and full-grown froggos in one place, amazing. This love of frogs may not be as potent as it was twenty years ago, but I’m pleased to announce that frog worship is alive and well on the internet. And we’ve got the frog memes to prove it. 

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