A Roll Of Camera Memes For Committed Film Enthusiasts

In this day and age, there’s no art form more widely practiced than the medium of photography. Whether you’re a selfie aficionado, can’t stop taking pictures of your pets, or simply enjoy snapping random things you come across on your travels, many of us covet our camera rolls as one of our most prized possessions.  

That being said, there are plenty of photography snobs out there who would argue that the average person’s photo taking habits don’t constitute real visual art. If it’s not being shot on 35mm with a vintage camera salvaged from the deep, dark depths of eBay, why even claim that you are some kind of photographer? 

It’s true that there is a big gap between the blurry picture you took of your friend in a bar on your iPhone and a meticulously planned shot from a professional, and these memes are here to prove it. That’s not to say they always go to plan, though.

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