A Scintillating Serving Of Memes And Things

The wonderful world of memery. There are few better ways to spend our spare time, or even our time that isn’t that spare. There are probably millions of memes in the world today, and despite all of our best efforts, we have only seen a tiny fraction of them.

One day, perhaps we will run out of ways to combine thoughts and words with different pictures, and we’ll all have to go back to logging off and staring at the wall for fun. For now, though, we can feel safe in the fact that this day is most likely a long way away.

This allows us to go back to what matters, i.e. the memes. They may vary in the amount of entertainment they give, and often repeat themselves in different ways, but isn’t that true of many of the things that we look to for distraction? At least this one is free.


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