A Selection of Beautiful and Blessed Images to Cleanse Our Souls

Doesn’t everything feel kind of harsh sometimes? People are mean, life is unforgiving, and most of us are stumbling through it unable to catch a break. While we tend to turn to the internet for some much-needed escapism, that doesn’t always turn out the right way, either. With all the dumb and terrible things that can be found on social media, it can make the whole deal even worse. 

With all this widespread crappiness hanging around, it’s only natural that we look for anything we can that will take the edge off. Those things that appeal to our softer side are out there, if we search hard enough. A great example of this comes with this selection of images, that prove there is wholesomeness out there within our reach. Cute things such as these almost make the drama of the rest of life worth it, even if just for a little while. 

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