A Tantalizing Treat of Random Memes

Everyone has their own preferred ways of seeking pleasure and wiling their spare hours away. Some people like to binge watch reality tv on their cozy sofas, surrounded by snacks and beverages. There are some folks who prefer to indulge in more productive activities, such as woodworking, scrapbooking, gardening or even baking a lovely loaf of tangy sourdough bread. Others still? They devote their spare moments to their nurtured talents. That could be a musical talent, writing, or even drawing and painting. We really, truly admire these creatives. Unfortunately, there are some of us who aren’t that talented. Me? I can’t draw for shit. I was the absolute shame of my elementary school art class. It’s like my eyes and hand are completely disconnected. Instead of these artistic and cultural pursuits, I have memes. And my hobby (well, job) is sharing them with total strangers on the world wide web. 


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